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Family owned and operated since 1985, Chickmate manufactures and distributes the Original Baby Chick Feed Dispenser. 

Our feed dispensers are easily installed and adapt to virtually any existing feed line, allowing more chicks to feed, increasing weight gain and reducing feed waste. 

Five models of feed dispensers and three feed pan models are available for purchase by growers through our network of knowledgeable distributors. All models will save you time, money, and labor; while feeding your chicks automatically.

Proudly made in the USA, Chickmate strives to provide effective, affordable means to meet the needs of the poultry industry.

CHICKMATE Crown Sleeve from 
Smith Poultry Hardware & Supply

 2-Piece Feed Restrictor
Simple Installation
Moderates Feed Flow
Increases Chick Weight
Fits all Chickmate® Feed Dispensers
Available In 4 colors 


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