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Being poultry growers ourselves, we understand it's not just a job but a life style.

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Smith Poultry Supply
The New Poultry-Farm Process

Give us a call and find out everything you need to know to get started on moving into the next stage of your life. 

What to Look for in Your New Houses

We will be glad to provide you with Standard, Custom, or State-of-the-Art Poultry houses and are happy to provide you with non-bias feedback to any of your construction or equipment questions.

Smith Poultry Supply

Smith Poultry Supply has been at the forefront of the poultry industry since 1983. We Specialize in the construction and equipment installation of new and pre-existing poultry houses. Being poultry growers ourselves, we understand it's not just a job but a life style.

We are a poultry family that takes pride in supporting each other. Our staff's knowledge and training surpasses any others around. SPS backs our staff with an inventory to meet all your poultry needs.

In addition to poultry farming supplies, SPS offers a full line of hardware supplies. We have a sales and technical department with a knowledgeable staff to help in your choice of product.

Smith Poultry Supply

Smith Poultry Supply Since 1983 

SPS offers onsite service and support. SPS will come to you! We will assist you with everything you need to get your farm up and running smoothly!

VALEGO Nest Systems for Layers from CHORETIME

Providing the most productive environment. Offering a secure and controlled environment, eggs are ensured a safer trip from the hen to the collection table.

Smith Poultry Alabama
  • Rack-Drive Expulsion (RDE) System -
    *Patented rack-drive expulsion system offers superior egg protection and moves out ALL the birds.
    *Requires less labor than competitive systems, helping to lower production costs. 
  • Film-Faced Plywood Construction -
    * Walls and roofs are made with durable, A-grade, film-faced plywood.
    *Provides a sturdy, QUIET environment for birds.
    *Easier to clean and more durable than plastic or steel construction.
    *Dissipates moisture quickly to resist mold. 
  • High-Quality Materials -
    *Galvanized steel frame assembled with TAPTITE® screws.*
    *Strong support structure with stainless steel legs.
    *Self-cleaning AstroTurf® pads.*
  • Smart “Click & Fix” -
    *VALEGO Nests feature Smart “Click & Fix” walls and roofs.
    *Easy to install and repair — little experience needed.
    *Requires only common tools to construct. 
  • Egg Collection & Control
    *Chore-Time’s egg belts, expeller and controls comprise a total egg collection system that ensures a safe trip for the egg from the hen to the collection table.
    *The Control Unit programs the daily opening and closing of the expeller to optimize the period when hens have access to the nests.
    *The Control also initiates slight movement of the expeller during egg collection, which permits birds to stay in the nests yet helps to prevent accidental bird damage to the eggs.

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