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2016 - LUBING USA sells 19.6 miles of conveyor and over 8 million nipples (55 million nipples are sold worldwide). 

Today - With more than 3 billion birds around the world drinking from a LUBING system, we have become a significant player in the poultry watering and egg conveying market. 

Our goal is to develop cutting edge technology with the intent of providing customers the best opportunities to capitalize on their investment by maximizing their production and increasing their profits.

We are greatful to everyone who has contributed to making LUBING a successful company on a global level. And we fully know that our success is only measured by the success of our customers.

LUBING's G.P.S. Watering from
Smith Poultry Hardware & Supply

Lubing’s all new, Patent Pending GravityPlus System (GPS) is a water delivery system that simply utilizes gravity to supply and regulate water to the drinking lines. Water pressure in all drinker lines can quickly and accurately be adjusted simply by turning a winch.


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