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L.B. White manufactures direct-fired and indirect-fired forced air heaters, convection heaters and radiant heaters in a variety of heat outputs, ignition types, electrical requirements and installation options. 

All L.B. White heaters meet the difficult requirements of the agricultural, horticultural, industrial, construction, and tent industries. Our procedures ensure each product meets the L.B. White quality standard before units are assembled and shipped.

L.B. White produces quality heaters by holding the highest standards in all phases of manufacturing.
To support our customers and end users, we also provide language-specific sales materials, product labeling, and owner’s manuals for products that we ship to more than 30 countries around the world.

Over 125 years of combined heating industry experience make up our team of dedicated Mechanical and Agricultural Engineers. L.B. White Engineers specialize in mechanical design, heat transfer, combustion, ventilation. And we are proud to represent Smith Poultry & Supply.

L.B. White I-Series High Pressure Radiant Chick Brooder Heaters from
Smith Poultry Hardware & Supply

L.B. White designed our chick brooder heater to save money on energy costs – up to 40% fuel cost savings depending on the poultry house condition and existing poultry heating system.


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