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VAL-CO Watering Systems

Water is the key ingredient to growing a healthy flock of birds. We pride ourselves in manufacturing the preferred poultry watering system; we revolutionized the poultry industry with our nipple drinker technology, and have remained the industry leader ever since. Our extensive line of Roasters, Quenchers, and PFAs, guarantee that you have the perfect drinker for every flock.

Val Nipple Drinkers are held to the tightest tolerances in the industry. Precision-machined parts are turned in our ISO-9001 Certified screw manufacturing facility. This means your floors stay drier, your birds stay healthier, and they still receive just the exact right amount of water every time they activate the trigger pin.

Has your integrator asked you to grow a bigger bird? No nipple change is necessary for varying bird sizes. All you need is a new standpipe! The tolerances on the Val Drinker System are held so tight that they can supply a wide variety of flow rates depending on the supplied pressure. To increase the pressure in the line, just use a taller standpipe!

Read The Ultimate Watering Guide to learn all you need to know about using and caring for your Val Watering System.

When growing birds with No Antibiotics Ever, success is hinged entirely on the prevention of disease. Moisture creates a breeding ground for bacteria and disease in the poultry house. It is imperative that we prevent disease by limiting how much moisture we allow to stay in the house The means equipment and flock management are imperative when flocks are raised with no antibiotics ever. Installing the right equipment will ensure a healthy environment for your birds.

Controlled-Flow PFA Drinker

The main source of moisture in the poultry house is through the watering line. Improve broiler health and flock performance by getting the right amount of water into the bird, instead of the litter.

*Easy to actuate Precision Feather Action trigger ideal for day-old chicks
*Perfect amount of water for your birds, doesn’t leave litter wet.

Hemisphere Z-Pro
Improve litter and air quality by gently circulating air around the house to remove moisture from the litter and equalize house temperatures.

* Evenly mixes air to keep floors dry and warm birds
* 12″ profile to fit perfectly on low-clearance ceilings

Aurora IR Brooder
Even heating patterns and efficient burner design result in warmer floors and better fuel usage. This improved fuel use limits moisture addition to the house and warms the floors evenly so birds can find their comfort zone.

Heats the birds and litter, not the air
11″ profile keeps it out of the way during clean out
High pressure model available



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