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Diversified Agriculture has been bringing innovative poultry products to the North American market since 1969.

Over the last decade we have added various products to our line in an effort to offer growers and producers maximize the performance of their flocks and herds, respectively. 

We remain committed to supplying our customers with the highest quality products in the most efficient manner possible. 

The poultry and swine industries have grown tremendously in the past twenty years, allowing Diversified to grow a long with it, offering innovative solutions. All of us at Diversified are excited to be part of the industry growth over the past 35 years.

With all the functionality of Platinum Pro Controllers, the Rotem One features a large 15.6” screen and intuitive interface that brings all the advantages of touch screens to your farm. The touch screen delivers mission critical data on one easy to read screen.

Its flexible, modular architecture is capable of supporting a large number of devices and up to 200 2HP heavy duty relays (including expansion units). Rotem One’s enclosure was designed to simplify installation and maintenance, and its switch guard door keeps toggle switches securely in place.


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