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Sales Team
Store: 205-429-4411
Chris Kelsoe: 256-339-2924
Barry Johnson: 205-363-1887
Toby Smith: 205-907-0950
Michael Applewhite : 256-677-2802
Tim Smith: 256-558-9242
Colton Garret: 256-744-9072

Purchasing Agent
Bryan Prince: 

Service Technician
Greg Clark: 256-505-2449  
Larry Wright: 256-557-7324
Michael Amagliany: 413-657-1087

Service Manager
Simmie Thrasher:


We recognize the paramount significance of maintaining operational efficiency for your equipment. Backed by our seasoned expertise and bolstered by a dedicated team of three full-time service technicians, we assure the continual functionality of your machinery. Employing cutting-edge diagnostic technology, we guarantee premium service quality and expeditious turnaround times. Your equipment's uptime is our unwavering commitment.

SPS extends comprehensive on-site service and support, embodying our commitment to seamless assistance. Count on us to bring our expertise directly to your doorstep. Our dedicated team will provide comprehensive guidance and aid to ensure the seamless initiation of your farm operations. Your success in achieving operational excellence is our foremost priority.


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